General Information

The Political Science and International Relations Department at Manisa Celal Bayar University in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was established in 2012. The language of instruction of this department is English, our aim is for our students to reach a wider variety of sources, examine many topics and different perspectives in a more efficient way of learning. The purpose of our department is to transfer the issues covered in the discipline of political science and international relations to students during their undergraduate education and for graduates to gain skills of scientific method approach to national and international developments. Our department aims to give graduates skills of analytical thinking, being an entrepreneur, being critical of events and approaching in a questioning manner and with ethic values. Our graduates find very broad career opportunities at home and abroad in the public and private sectors, many international organizations, various ministries, universities, media, and also have the opportunity to make a career in private companies.  In this context, our department has four sub-departments: Department of Political Science, Department of International Relations, Department of Diplomatic History and Department of International Law.

Political Science and International Relations

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