Message from the Head of Department

Dear students,

We are pleased to be with you as the Department of Political Science and International Relations in English of Manisa Celal Bayar University. 

Political Science and International Relations Department is preferred by students, who want to keep up with the globalized world, and gain the necessary background in order to be better individuals in this changing world. International relations has ceased of only being mutual relations of states, but has become a phenomenon that affects all individuals in all areas of life.

Therefore our department struggles to aim for our students, to better understand the changing the balance in international relations, the different actors created by the international system and interactions among actors to focus on the international system to be better individuals to understand, interpret this system.

Our distinguished faculty members take the time to try to make the university enjoyable for you not only during school hours but also in extracurricular hours will help you.  In addition, our university is in one of the important cities of Turkey, Manisa is rich in history, has a developed industry, relatively quiet and is an inexpensive city will also have a positive contribution to you.

Considering all these factors, the Political Science and International Relations Department in English at Manisa Celal Bayar University, offers students academic, social and cultural opportunities in the area in terms of being one of Turkey’s promising departments.

Once again welcome...

Political Science and International Relations

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