Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students,

In this ever-changing and globalizing world competition environment, to be a more powerful and prosperous country, human capital must be rational, intelectual, innovative and have a social responsibility and a real power. Our department which is aware of this importance is the most preferred and favorite department of the faculty with its principled, dynamic, innovative and powerful academic staff.

Primary objectives of our department are training our students as knowledgeable, self-confident, aware of their potential and use it well, and have a good sense of social responsibility in accordance with the needs of public and private sector; so then preparing and applying a curriculum of public finance which is ever renewed with an interdiciplinarian approach; and doing researches and writing articles adressing the needs of the country and region.

Dear youth,

You will not regret choosing Celal Bayar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Public Finance. To see you as our student will make us more powerful. Don’t forget that to experience and maintain this difference is possible only when you choose our department.

Dear parents of our students and candidate students,

We know well that your children are so valuable for you. They are valuable for us, too. Our ties with your children will keep after the graduation as well as their student days. In this way, our finance family ties will get stronger in each year and keep on making difference.

I greet our dear students, candidate students and their parents with all these feelings and thoughts and salute you with love and respect.


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