Econometrics means economic measurement as its lexical meaning. The main goal of the Department of Econometrics is to train personnel who have the ability to analyze the existing economic problems and work out by the use of quantitative analysis techniques. The Department of Econometrics provides education and makes investigations in the subjects such as arrival at economic decisions via numerical revelation of economic theories and investigation of diverse economic problems, the analysis of appropriate economic and mathematical models. From a different viewpoint, science of econometrics is a current field of science where statistics, operational research, sciences of math’s and economics intersect and computer applications of this intersection are made.

The graduates from the Econometrics Departments of the universities are dubbed econometrist. An econometrist is interested in the development and implementation of statistical and quantitative techniques that are intended for the explanation of economic facts. In addition to the knowledge and skill that they have obtained in the numeric fields such as specially mathematics, statistics and econometrics, graduates from the Econometrics Department can make all kinds of numeric analysis whose use is required in economic and sociological studies that are carried out by both the institution the person works and for the operation’s own needs and institutions providing service in social sphere in terms of equipment since they have taken economy, finance, public administration, business management and some law classes. It is possible to define an econometrist as the engineer of economics. Thus, they can be employed in all public and private enterprises where other graduates from the faculty of economics and administrative sciences are employed. In addition to this, econometrics graduates having numeric evaluation techniques and numeric thinking capability can be employed in research and development (r&), planning and budget departments of the public and private enterprises operating in various fields in particular to insurance, banking, capital market as well as State Institute of Statistics, Development Ministry, Under Secretariat of Treasury and Central Bank. Moreover, they can also work on public personnel cadres (B-type cadres) in Public Personnel Selection Examination-3 score type.

I wish our students success and thank our faculty members for their studies and efforts.



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