The Department of Econometrics was founded in 2012 as part of Manisa Celal Bayar University’s Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. As of 2018, 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors and 5 Research Assistants carry out teaching and research activities at the department of Econometrics which consists of “Econometrics” “Statistics” and “Operations Research” programs.

The aim of the econometrics program is to provide a quantitative analysis of the economic theory and to examine actual economic data and to enable economic decision-making by utilizing appropriate statistical and mathematical models.

The graduates of the department of Econometrics are entitled to be an "Econometrician". Econometricians can be employed across a wide range of positions where the graduates of the Department of Economics can work since they are offered most of the same basic and applied economics courses taken by the students of Economics during their undergraduate studies. However, Econometricians can conduct research in the fields of micro- and macroeconomics, international economics and operations research due to their quantitative analysis skills and knowledge in both public or private sector organizations.

Graduates can be employed in public institutions such as Turkey Statistical Institute, State Directorate of Strategy and Budget Development, Treasury, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and the Central Bank. In addition, they can also be employed in research and development (R&D), and planning and budget departments of public and private organizations operating in various fields, particularly in insurance, banking and capital markets.

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