Aim of the Program

Aim of the program of econometrics is; to explain the economic theory in a mathematical manner and investigate various economic issues, and to make decisions via analyzing the proper statistical and mathematical models.

Title of the Graduates and Employment Areas

The graduates of econometrics department gain the title of “econometrist”. Since econometrists learned the majority of the lessons those taught in department of economics, they can work in all the fields like they and do same or similar tasks. Additionally, since their program heavily depends on quantitative knowledge, econometrists may conduct applied researches in their workplace’s units in micro and macro economics, international economics, statistic and operation research areas.Graduates of the department may work in analyze-intensive public constitutions like Turkish Statistical Institute, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency; moreover they can find employment opportunities in the sectors of insurance, banking and capital market as well as the A&D, planning and budget departments of public and private institutions from various fields.



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