We live in a world in which working conditions change rapidly. It is observed that the services sector come forward and information technology become dominant in working life. In this context, in globalized world knowledge-based and qualified labor come forward in working life. The use of knowledge in daily life increasingly, the disappearance of national borders relatively and the rapid displacement of the capital effects working relations significantly. Changes in labor relations effect organized structures in various sectors of society. As a result of this phenomenon occurring in the working life, an imbalance becomes appearance between the broad. On the other hand, the analysis of working life in the context of various disciplines becomes necessity. For this purpose, the other necessity of the working life is to train staff members. Our primary goal is to accomplish these objectives especially by contributing to the education of all actors in working life and our students.

In our department, general courses of faculty of economics and administrative sciences have been educated in the first two years and then department based lessons educated in the last two years. There is also the chance to get minor degree. If students choose our department, they will have a chance to get good educational opportunities and also socio-cultural facilities of Unıversity of Celal Bayar. Students who graduated from our department will gain qualification to work in the public and private sector, and also as an entrepreneur in the market. On the other hand, according to the main aims of our department, they will be able to work in unions, third sector organizations and other institutions in working life.


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