The primary mission of CBU FEAS is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and enrich and elevate the students, the city, the nation and the world. As the preeminent research-based, land-grant faculty in the region, CBU FEAS embodies the spirit of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, outreach, and engagement attained by the nation’s finest public research institutions.

CBU FEAS’s national reputation is that of a “Research University”. Admission to the faculty is selective with a fairly low transfer-in rate. Admission to graduate programs is also competitive. Graduate offerings include master’s, doctoral, and professional programs that focus both on research and practice. Nationally ranked programs, as well as our national and global partnerships are among CBU FEAS’s unique characteristics.



We embrace a three-part vision: Value creation, Original ideas, and Leadership.

§     Value creation through economic, social, and environmental development targeted to an increasingly global and multicultural world.

We lead an increasing number of academic and public service activities that involve and benefit the local community, the region and the Republic of Turkey, and ultimately the world. This continuing commitment to the public good through a variety of outreach activities is grounded in our tradition as a land-grant institution.

§     Original ideas that advance society through discovery, inquiry, innovation, research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Our ability to create value is dependent on discovering new knowledge and generating new ideas and expressions. The complex concerns of the twenty-first century cannot be addressed with existing knowledge and systems. Our aim is a dramatic increase in these activities, requiring the interaction between committed, diverse faculty, staff, and students.

§     Leadership through the preparation of capable and ethical leaders.


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