Manisa Vocational School of Accounting, the predecessor of today’s Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was initially a school of İzmir Ege University back in 1975. Our faculty has been the first and the founding faculty of Manisa Celal Bayar University which was established in 1992. Today, the Department of Economics carries out research, training and teaching activities within the following four programs: “Economic Theory”, “Economic Development and International Economics”, “Political Economics” and “History of Economics”. As of 2018, 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 assistant professor and 5 research assistants are working in our department where a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree courses are offered.

In line with our faculty’s long-term strategic perspective, our department’s vision is to become an internationally recognized and preferred department in the fields of science, education and provide large-scale societal benefit. For this purpose, our department prioritizes research and carries out international studies with its qualified academic staff.

In our department and through four years of bachelor’s program, we expect to raise innovative, environmentally conscious and respectful people. Additionally, we equip our students with a deep knowledge of theoretical and applied economics so as to prepare them for the ever-changing global economic system. In this context, we upskill our students in many areas of economics such as conducting scientific research, transferring knowledge to the community, developing economic policies that could help improve social welfare, analyzing national and international economic relations of Turkey among others. Additionally, our curriculum includes business administration, finance, law, accounting, econometrics, mathematics and statistics courses that we expect to support and to empower our students in their future careers. Our students can also benefit from Erasmus+ and Mevlana Exchange Programs, which allow them to have multi-cultural experience across the globe, as well as Farabi Exchange Program which allows them to see different organizational cultures within the country.

Graduates of the Department of Economics are entitled to be an “Economist”. The employability of our graduates covers a wide range of positions and organizations. Our graduates find employment opportunities in trade, finance, and accounting offices of either private or public organizations where they could work as managers, consultants, analysts, researchers and specialists. Some such organizations include the World Bank, central banks, IMF, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Capital Markets Board, international financial institutions, foreign trade companies, banks, and municipalities among others. Economists have the opportunity to be an administrative judge or a district governor if they could comply with various requirements. They could also get certified as independent accountant and financial advisor. Graduates of our department can pursue post-graduate education, if they wish, and they can build an academic career or become independent entrepreneurs.

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