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Department of Political Science and International Relations at Manisa Celal Bayar University within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, in which the language of education is English, was founded in 2012. Currently, the Department has 14 full-time academic personnel; including 5 associate and 2 assistant professors and 7 research assistants. The academic staff in the department have a wide variety of research interests on a broad array of fields encompassing public administration, economics, business administration, history, political economy, linguistics, sociology and gender studies other than political science and international relations. Our department has four programs: Political Science, International Relations, Diplomatic History, International Law Programs respectively.

Living in a world characterized by perplexing complexities in regard to politics and international relations, there is a greater need to comprehend and make sense of the very nature of political and international relations-centered developments. Confronting the challenges of a globally connected world, our department undertakes the mission to raise innovative individuals who have respect for the environment and society at large, and to serve the larger benefit of society through education, research and community work. In realizing the given objective, we strive to reach a wide variety of sources and to examine many topics and different perspectives with the aid of modern academic teaching techniques. We facilitate our students to gain skills to transfer the issues covered in the discipline of political science and international relations to identify and to analyze national and international developments and to foresee how such developments might have to say for their subsequent ramifications of the realpolitik surrounding the real world. In this regard, our department sets its priority to provide graduates with skills of analytical thinking, entrepreneurship and approaching to issues in a questioning manner and with ethical values.

There are approximately 600 students in our department and the department has various international agreements for student exchange programs, in terms of international cooperation, through which the students can have an opportunity to study abroad at international universities. Our graduates have very broad career opportunities both nationally and internationally in the public and private sector. In particular, they work in international organizations, ministries, media, banks and foreign trade companies. The graduates can also make an academic career and work as a research assistant at universities in various departments such as Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration, History and Sociology. In order to benefit from wide range of career opportunities, our department provides our students with interdisciplinary knowledge by means of the university co-op schemes allowing for mandatory internship in the second semester of the senior year of their academic year.

Political Science and International Relations

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