History of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences which is the first higher education institution of Manisa has its roots in Ege University Economics and Commercial Sciences Faculty, Manisa Accounting Associates Degree High School whose founder manager is Professor Nezihe Sönmez. Our School has started the education as Accounting Associates Degree High School; started to give undergraduate education in 1977-78 academic years as Finance Accounting Vocational School and then turned to Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty in accordance with the law no. 3389 in 1987. Our department has giving education as being one of the most preferred department and having the most comprehensive curriculum among the 3 departments of the faculty since the foundation of Manisa Celal Bayar University in 1992.

In our department, there are 5 Professors, 2 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors, and 10 Research Assistants. Specifically, the department continues its academic pursuits with the following programs; “Fiscal Economics”, “Fiscal Law”, “Theory of Public Finance” and “Budget Theory and Financial Planning”. All our academic staff, in particular, our head of departments aspire to lead forth our students all the time.

Our students take economics and management courses extensively as well as concentrating on financial matters during their study period. Our curriculum objective is enabling our students to evaluate economic and financial issues comprehensively and preparing them for competitive environment of business which they will meet after the graduation by providing them with a liberal, democratic and scientific education environment promoting their self-confidence.

Period of education in our department is 4 years and those who are graduated from the Public Finance Department are given undergraduate diplomas. Our graduates either can continue their academic career with graduate or doctoral program or take into service as research assistant or academician in the universities.

If our graduate students want to work in the public sector, they can work as auditor, accountant, revenue controller and tax auditor in Ministry of Finance after they pass a pre-examination. They can also work as district governor in Ministry of Interior; administrative law judge in Ministry of Justice; auditor, controller and specialist in Customs Brokerage; assistant expert and assistant specialist lawyer in Capital Markets Board; auditor, controller, specialist, certified public accountant and financial analyst in all inspection and supervision organs of public and private institutions.

Our graduates can make progress in their careers by working in accounting, finance, marketing, foreign trade and human resources areas in private sector. They can also work as independent accountant and financial advisors, certified public accountant and customs brokers after fulfilling professional examinations. They can also work in different departments of banks. To summarize, our graduates have a chance to work and make career in all public institutions and in private sector with a wide variety of job opportunities.

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