Chosen the best investment region for EU countries and home to one of the most important Organized Industries in Turkey, Manisa province has unique social and economic characteristics that deserve scholarly attention. In this context, The Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations was founded in 2012 as part of Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Specifically, the department continues its academic pursuits with following programs; “Labor Economics”, “Labor Law and Social Security Law”, “Management and Work Sociology” and “Management and Work Psychology”. As of 2018, 2 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 5 research assistants continue their teaching and research activities in the department.

The participation of an increasing segment of the population in the labor market thanks largely to industrialization has transformed the way that the ever-growing welfare societies view social policy and service sector, and particularly the labor relations. Developments in industry and service sector have brought along new forms of employee-employer relations and process of unionization. Additionally, the globalization precipitated and accelerated the adoption, use and dissemination of information technologies particularly during the 1990s. Today, human beings are no longer regarded as commodities, and a wide range of topics have become part of the broader agenda of “Labor Economics and Industrial Relations” from social protection to unionization, occupational health and safety to performance, and motivation to working peace and conditions.

During the freshman and sophomore years, the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations offers joint courses in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, Finance and Law so that students are equipped with the basic skill sets required for deeper scholarly understanding. In junior and senior classes, the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations offers in-depth specializations focusing on different aspects of economic and social life with a thorough perspective.

Graduates of our department can be found in a wide variety of business and public organizations. They can work as inspectors, experts or auditors in State Economic Enterprises, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services; as attaches in foreign units; as managers and experts in trade unions, human resources management departments of private organizations and in a wide array of other private organizations including banks and financial institutions among others.

Our department has signed bilateral agreements within the framework of Erasmus+ exchange program with Poland, Germany and Slovenia, which provides opportunities for international and intercultural experience for our students. 


Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

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