Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department in University of Celal Bayar was opened in 2012. Manisa is quite important city and area about education of economics and social issues because it is selected as the best geographical location for investments of the EU countries. And it is also important organized industrial zone in Turkey.

With the process of industrialization, the labor market participation of the broad masses has led the interest of the welfare society at the social policy and the service sector including labor relations. The developments in industry and services sectors have brought the relations of employee and employer relations and unionization process. In 1990s, the process of globalization has increased interest of information technology. Nowadays, people are cannot be seen as commodities. Due to this development, many issues like unionization, social protection, occupational health and safety, performance, motivation and working conditions and peace become main issues and fields of "Labor Economics and Industrial Relations".

In our department, general courses of faculty of economics and administrative sciences have been educated in the first year and in the second year courses which are common of Economics, Business Administration and Fınance Departments have been educated. With the help of these lessons, our graduates can work same arenas of graduates of these departments. Department based lessons related with the different are aspects of social and economic life are educated in the last two years. Our department serves a four-year bachelor's degree.

In this context, department courses related working life are Individual Labor Law, Social Security Law, Unionism. Theoric courses that can provide foundation to other lessons are Labor Economics, Social Policy, Industrial Democracy, Work Psychology and Sociology. The other courses that can provide employment in the private and public are Human Resource Management, EU Social Policy, Occupational Health and Safety, Wage and Productivity Systems.


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