Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Manisa Celal Bayar University. The Faculty is an extraordinary place. It is MCBU’s oldest and largest faculty, at the core of the University’s distinctive mission. We believe that its students, research and teaching staff, and programs meld the best aspects of a residential liberal economics faculty, a major research center, and a competitive institution of international standing.

Message from the Dean

Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has been founded upon a vision to produce path-breaking ideas with lasting impact on the theory and practice of economics, management, public administration, industrial relations and most recently, international relations and political science. Our faculty has trained generations of successful business people who have helped shape the world of business on local and national scales. We define our mission as a commitment to create knowledge with enduring impact; and to influence and educate current and future opinion and business leaders.

We move forward in this mission of relentless pursuit of excellence and rigor and to stand above, we must continue to stand apart.

Our vision for the school focuses on five areas:

Consolidate and expand the scholarly track of the school. To do this, Manisa Celal Bayar University FEAS must strengthen the faculty even more. As the school broadens, it will need to be more audacious in acquiring talent, attracting the most inquisitive and competitive as well as cooperative and globally-thinking students and the most critical-minded intellectuals.

Support and leverage impact and influence, by supporting research centers and project initiatives, better dissemination of our social and intellectual capital, and expanding regular degree programs to encompass Distance Education, Executive programs and Non-Thesis Degree programs.

Support a broader set of student aspirations, ranging from economics to social entrepreneurship, expanding their choices across all the degree programs. This requires curricular innovation in both content and form, including experiential courses and courses on emerging and most contemporary topics.

Attract an even broader pool of future leaders, via scholarship support and national/global programs like Farabi and Erasmus exchange programs and visiting scholar initiatives. In particular, this has been a priority area of focus in latest years and we are sharpening our strategy to maximize MCBU FEAS' national and global footprint.

Better support and leverage our alumni. Producing outstanding alumni who are leaders in the world of business and policy is the prominent goal of the faculty. The school must take full advantage of its alumni. We are implementing several measures to enhance the school’s engagement with alumni and external constituencies.

Going forward, this will provide the framework by which we can assess and track the school’s progress.

Mustafa MIYNAT, Professor of Public Finance, PhD

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